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Reaching your customers and increasing sales has become easy and guaranteed through our new service, marketing campaign management . Our experts guarantee the best results and achieve goals , without worrying about  competitors, or spend a lot of money

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Marketing campaigns management is no longer limited to just the quality of the advertising content, now with the strong competition.

Professional planning , the development of a well-studied strategy to manage the campaign, and adding value to the customer are the campaign targets achievement factors.

Startup Defenders team have the best professionals with different specializations ready to study your customer needs and behavior, and create marketing strategies to ensure achieving campaign targets to provide you best utilization of your marketing expenses investments, we provide this service through different channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, E-mail, and Google ads).

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Detailed study of the market and current customer needs

Market situation, Competition analysis, and SWOT Analysis

Preparing creative ideas for ads and setting Ads budget

Creating detailed marketing plans and strategies

Monitoring and optimizing campaigns results

Providing  detailed reports for achievements

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You can get directly contact with one of our experts to give you a recommendations for your advertising campaigns and answer all your inquiries.

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