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Startup Coaching

Business Coaching

Every Startup deserves a fighting chance of success, and that’s regardless of the type of business it is. We help startup define risks and opportunities, planning of growth, implementing those plan on real to expand business value.

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Team Building

Help you hiring your local or remote team, also provide you an alternative outsourcing and freelancing options.

Team building is the key to transforming your business. It’s not candy-coated fun, a day at the spa or worthless consultant rhetoric. Team building should build strengths, fill gaps, and eliminate the headaches of managing motivation and increasing productivity at work. As “team players” ourselves, we get it… we have the tools to bring it to you.

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Growth Tools

We will provide you with the latest tools that you need to grow in marketing, sales, operation, etc.

Growth Hacking allows you to get things done like rapid customer acquisition customer at minimum cost or no money at all. It increases your user base,revenue rapidly than traditional methods in short span of time. Growth hacking allow you to experiments and tests hypothesis while avoiding blindly trusting your gut feelings.

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Technical Services

Our technical team can cover your go-to-market needs including designing, developing, etc.

Our services cover the design, engineering, deployment, support, scaling, and evolution of various software types. We develop quality software and offer related services – software consulting, cloud migration, app integration, and more. We serve mid and large enterprises and startups across multiple industries, including retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and others.

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Sales Coaching

Closing the deal can be troublesome, so let’s outline some core principles for closing leads both cold and warm.

An effective coach can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. We can coach your teams directly or train your sales managers to run our proprietary coaching process, proven to help sellers achieve top performance using latest technology to manage and monitor your team and get stronger vision that helps your make better decisions.

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Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

Check by your self why to contact us, and how your can take your startup to the next level, and stay within required status to attract investors, partners and team.


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